Hello World

My name is Li, and I love cake! I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now, as I am so inspired by the likes of Smitten kitchen, Joy the Baker and Love and olive oil (to name but a few). Also I cook/bake lots and could do with improving my food photography, and I want to learn to sew, would like to document my knitting projects and share the odd picture of our kitten (KITTEN! – we get her on Thursday. Here she is with Henry, the other half of “we” and “our”):

At the moment I am finding it slightly difficult to bake, as my kitchen looks like this:

supplemented by this:

My New Year’s Resolution was to bake every weekend, as I have this cupcake book that I never wanted to use as there were few pictures. So I was going to bake, take pictures and supplement the book. When I made this resolution, I didn’t know we’d be moving and redoing the kitchen, thus subjecting ourselves to a good 6 weeks sans kitchen. I will try to catch up as I am missing baking terribly, and beginning to crave foods that I have no means of making. Fingers crossed for the start of July… then we’ll really be cooking.


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